Welcome to Dreamcatcher Paranormal of Jefferson County Missouri.

   The DreamCatcher Paranormal team was founded in 2010  and dedicated to finding the answers to your "bumps in the night". Whether its  loose water pipes in the wall or bad wiring causing high emf field or squirrels in the attic. We are dedicated to finding and documenting the truth.We investigate with scientific equipment, camera's and voice recorders to find the answers , and if we can't answer it we have a vast network of experienced investigators from other teams to gather information and to review and consult with on what we may not be able to. We have experienced trackers for those who believe they seen Bigfoot or Chupacabra or UFO's..maybe you don't know what you seen and want to know..we can help.
    Most events that occur can be explained through rational thought and thorough investigation.  However there are certain occasions where one may question strange events occurring and may feel threatened.  This is where our organization  can provide the help that you are seeking.
                                            We are available for consultations, group meetings and lectures. 
                                                      We are based out of Jefferson County Missouri.

                         Our investigative and consulting services again are entirely free and of no charge to you.

                                                                       We offer house cleansing and blessings.

                                                         Also offering Reiki and Tibetan Singing bowl Healing.

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